As I sat, looking out of the window, I pondered my new job as Park Manager and decided it would be good idea to put a little brochure together. Now for years, my parents had used a lovely little leaf motif on our letterhead, courtesy of a template on the laptop, but might there be something more interesting and relevant for our logo? I pondered some more…

It was local folklore that the last Wild Boar was shot dead in our area, hence the name of a number of properties containing variations of Wild Boar. But that’s not a very nice story nor image I thought. More pondering followed and so onto Google I went for some Wild Boar inspiration and images. Oh dear, not the most attractive creatures, bless them, albeit their babies are super cute!

Perhaps I could use an image of a baby Wild Boar? Hardly instantly recognisable to many though.  Hmmm, more scrolling, more pondering…

Then I found it, a stunningly beautiful piece of artwork of a Wild Boar! It was an understatement to say I was excited. Yes, yes, this has to be it! But some talented person had created this artwork and it would be wrong of me to just use it. Would the artist ever know…? If I asked permission, it might result in a “No, sorry you can’t” or more likely in this day and age “Yes, of course you can, it’ll cost £££’s.”

I decided to bite the bullet and do the right thing. It never sits comfortably with me to do anything other. So some more Googling and I found this talented artists name – Jen Buckley. I composed an email to her explaining about our small Park, its name, how I was looking for a new logo and pretty please would she give her permission to use her beautiful creation of a Wild Boar. I pressed send and crossed my fingers…

The reply duly arrived and keeping my fingers crossed I read it –

Dear Sara,
That is lovely to hear, it is such a lovely part of the world. I am more than happy to let you use the image for your literature.
The prints do end up all over the place! It is always nice to hear where they have found a home! 
Let me know what format you need and I will email it over to you.
Best regards
If anything could restore some faith in human kindness, here it was, in black and white. Just wow, such a wonderful gesture for which I will be forever grateful.

You can more about Jo and her work here

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  1. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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